Mr. Gwynn S. Ginson

Nursing staff - ACSL Instructor - American Heart Association
Kuwait Oil Company

Mr. Gwynn Ginson is a registered nurse and is an active ACLS (or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) Instructor of the American Heart Association. Before coming to Kuwait, he worked as a coronary care unit nurse. Previously, he worked as an anesthesia nurse and was part of the code blue team. He was also part of the Operating Theater Accreditation Team for Accreditation Canada from 2010-2013. Presently, he is working in Operating Theater of Ahmadi Hospital.

His interest is in the field of adult health and critical care nursing. He is taking his Master of Arts in Nursing Majoring in Adult Health Nursing. His proposed study for his thesis is about activating nurse-led rapid response team. He has just finished his pilot studies in one of the private hospital in Kuwait.

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