Dr Ali M. Quoreshi

Research Scientist, Ecosystem Restoration
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

Dr. Ali Quoreshi is a Research Scientist with Environment and Life Sciences Research Center (ELSRC) and under Biodiversity of Terrestrial Ecosystem (BTE) Program at the KISR. He has a strong background in plant and soil ecology, plant-soil-microbes interactions, ecosystem restoration, restoration ecology, quality seedling production, and revegetation. 

Dr. Quoreshi has developed extensive research experience related to environmental reclamation and restoration of Canadian Oil disturbed lands, below ground microbial populations and their importance in ecosystem processes, as well as application of mycorrhizal biotechnology to reclamation and revegetation of disturbed lands.

Prior to joining KISR, Dr. Quoreshi worked as Principal Investigator with the Symbiotech Research Inc., Canada and also as an Adjunct Professor in the Laval University, Quebec, Canada.  A total period of experience in his research fields is over 20 years. His research interest includes rhizospheric processes, plant and soil ecology, carbon and nutrient cycling, human induced ecosystem disturbances, reclamation and restoration of severely disturbed lands, native plant production, microbial inoculation, and climate change.  He is experienced in organizing and designing field experiments, nursery operations, environmental monitoring, planning, project management, writing project proposals and reports, laboratory management, and project budget preparation.  He has an excellent publication record in terms of refereed research articles, book chapters, and technical research reports.

Dr. Quoreshi has a Ph.D. Degree in Forest Biology and Seedling Nutrition and a Master of Science Degree in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, both from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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