KIHSE Site Visit to the Abduliya Preserve (KOC)

All delegate to KIHSE are invited to join this special field trip hosted by Kuwait Oil Company on 18th February


08:00 Depart Regency Hotel
09:00 Arrive and Welcome at Abduliya Preserve
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Arrive back at Regency Hotel

Abduliya Preserve

Operation Group West Kuwait, Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company was established in 1934, the company activities have included exploration operations, onshore and offshore surveys, drilling of test wells and the development of producing wells in addition to crude and natural gas exploration. Environmental aspect in KOC is very important to be aligned with company business responsibilities.

The project is located in the Abduliya area, about 50 km from Kuwait City. The project was implemented in two phases, the first phase with an area of approximately one million square meters have been carried out between January and April 2011. The second phase, with a total area of almost two million square meters has been implemented between September of the same year and February 2012.

Abduliya preserve is located in Abduliya KOC field; the idea was to clean the area of all previous waste left from campers and to cultivate trees, bushes and plants from the Environment of Kuwait. The project has been implemented in two phases which covers area of approximately 7 million square meters, the project started in January 2011 and took 3 months to complete in each phase. In addition, adequate conditions were created for the natural life of wild plants and animals, such as the establishment of catchment slopes (Khabary): On the other hand, hills for desert plants were formed around the lakes, and some of the most plants originated from our environment were planted more than 70,000 plants, bushes and trees and more than 30 types of plants which are mentioned below:

So. No. Desert Plants So. No. Desert Trees
1 Rhanterium epapposum (Arfej) 1 Rhammus (Sidr)
2 Calligonum polyogonoides (Arta) 2 Acacia (selem)
3 Haloxylon salicaornicum (Remith) 3 Tamarix (Ethel)
4 Ochradenus bacctus (Gurthy) 4 Acacia Tortilis (Samer)
5 Farsetia aegyptia (Elbanah) 5 Lawsonia (Henna)
6 Lycium shawii(Ousej) 6 Salvadora Persica (Arrak)
7 Nitraria retusa (Gherdeq) 7 Prosopis (Ghaf)
8 Devarra triradiata (Elenda) 8 Palm Tree (Nakheel)
9 Cetropodia  forskaolii (Helfa) 9 Eucalyptus (Keneya)
10 Cicuta virosa (Heza or besbas) 10 Acacia (Telh or Sanad)


Therefore the company dedicated many projects for our environment and our society, which is added to a group of similar environmental projects, The Abduliya reserve (Abduliya Environmental Project) is another ambitious project to grow thousands of trees, as part of our efforts geared toward preserving and rehabilitating desert areas.

Here is a picture to illustrate how things were before the project:

Site Visit 1


The transformation in two years:

Site Visit 2 Site Visit 3 Site Visit 4 Site Visit 5

A developed nation is known by its respect to humanity in terms of human health, safety and the safety of the surrounding environment. Therefore, achieving development should not be at the account of human health, safety and environment.